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Six Cool Smart Connected Devices
6 cool new innovations using AI and IoT,

Is the Cisco VNI Right?
Some depend on the Cisco VNI report in creating their future business plans. But is it right? Jim Machi dives into past VNI reports for a closer look on its accuracy.

Video is the New Voice – But How?
The effort to integrate WebRTC multi-party video interactions into an application can be daunting. So, Dialogic and Telestax came up with a solution.

5 Questions To Ask In Choosing The Right Virtual Session Border Controller
Choosing the right SBC is tricky. Here's a series of questions to ask to get you on the right track in finding the right one for you.

The True Future-Ready Session Border Controller
Why Session Border Controllers (SBCs) matter for service providers in reversing downward revenue pressure.

The Rise of AI in Communications
As economical compute power behind telephony offerings have increased, we have seen a rise in analytics relating to the specific offering.