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What does having no PSTN lines really mean?
VoiP has won and countries are announcing PSTN sunset dates. But what does having no PSTN lines really mean and what are some things that should be considered?

Reverse 911 – A Use Case for Call Progress Analysis
Call progress analysis, commonly known to be the enabling technology for robocalls, has another less-known use case: Reverse 911.

Unified Experience in a Unified Communications World
In Unified Communications, user experience should come first and then the required technology to achieve it. Many times, this workflow is reversed.

The Importance of Good Call Progress Analysis with Software Media Servers
Call progress analysis, the technology enabling robocalls, have significantly changed since call processing boards have morphed into software modules.

Evolving the IoT User Experience
An application framework is needed to manage the proliferation of IoT devices in the Smart Home - one that includes real-time communications and AI

Call Progress Analysis is Not the same as a Robo-Call
Just because robocalls are bad, it doesn't mean that the technology behind it, such as call progress analysis (CPA), is bad.